April Story

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Meet April Story, a passionate quilter whose love for sewing runs deep in her family. With a quilting journey that started in 2015, she initially struggled with the Mystery Block of the Month at her local quilt shop. However, the following year, the bright colors of lime green, hot pink, and sunny yellow sparked her love for quilting. Since then, she has been making quilt tops and gradually mastered the art of quilting on her home sewing machine. After discovering the Grace Hoop Frame, she even took a road trip to Kentucky to pick up a used one, which has revolutionized her quilting experience.

She loves making things for others, whether it's family members or strangers. For her, the joy of quilting goes beyond the finished product, as she has made great friends with other quilters along the way. Her mother, who taught her how to sew and craft, is to blame for her fabric addiction. Despite the initial challenges, April's passion for quilting has grown, and she continues to create beautiful pieces for her loved ones and the quilting community.